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Rowsley Fault Vineyard

Located at Sutherlands Creek only 20 minutes from Geelong, Victoria.

Dry Grown, Small Batch Wine Making and Australian Home of the Pinot Noir Clones

Rowsley Fault Vineyard at Sutherlands Creek, just 20 minutes from Geelong, is a unique vineyard by any standard in Australia. We are one of the few modern day Australian wineries that has been set up to minimize human intervention in the growing of fruit on our vineyard.

We do not practice drip irrigation simply because we have a strong belief that our vineyard, with its unique location over the limestones of the Rowsley Fault line, is a natural growing environment for the dozen high quality Pinot Noir clones and other European varietals on the property. Our wines are totally a product of the soil, the terrain, our viticultural practices and the Australian climate, not some artificial water supply. 

Our vines are hardy, drought resistant beasts, with deep rooting systems that have sought out natural water supply from limestone and mineral enriched soils. Our fruit delivers a naturally concentrated, complex flavour profile and intense aromatics. Low yields are a given, but the reward is in award winning powerful wines that appeal to a European biased palate.

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