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Small Batch Winemaking

While we have a 300-tonne production facility, our actual specialization is on small batch winemaking. Small batch winemaking means exactly that. We pick fruit by clone and vineyard site and vinify in small 2000 liter fermenters. Fermentation also varies across a range of yeast treatments and we are developing wild yeast strains that are vineyard related. These yeasts are producing exciting variability in the wine styles even from same small plot fruit. We finish wines in oak barrels ranging from new oak to second and third year oak dependent on the wine style desired.

Our blending story is also interesting because we have a passion for European-ness in some of our wines. When you have fruit with marked varietal character, the ability to blend it in classic French and other European blends starts to make sense. Some varietals just work well together, some giving structure, others flesh and others edgy aromatics and taste profiles. This is leading us to look at blends that profile Rhone, Bordeaux, Italian and Spanish wine styles.

This gives us a wide pallet of fruit and finished wine styles to make either standalone varietals or complex blends. With so many clones and varieties we like to think we are painting with a wide range of colours (and tastes and aromas!). In this sense we are pioneering varietal winemaking and are already receiving attention from industry experts who are excited about what sets us apart.

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